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This is the main page of the Gallery. Formerly part of
Its purpose is to help with the identification of lead cloth and bag seals.

ATTENTION Cloth Seals; An Illustrated Guide to the Identification of Lead Seals Attached to Cloth: from the British Perspective by S.F. Elton is now available from <a href="">Archaeopress</a> (<a href="">money off flyers</a>).

Please use the 'Search the Gallery' box to the left to enter any words or a brief description of any picture or simply click on The Bagseal Gallery Album below to peruse the seals 30 to a page. Click on individual pictures for more information.
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Compiled and researched by Stuart F. Elton (StuE on the forums).© (all contributions of seal images gratefully <a href="">received</a> and acknowledged)

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